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Professional Mac bulk sms software is developed for customizing and controlling the load of SMS broadcasting by using Delayed delivery option. Mac bulk sms software for professional edition is able to save sent messages in text txt or in HTML html file format for future reference. DRPU Software. Contact Details. Instantly important contact lists You can use the Import feature to automatically import and encrypt contact information.

Watch our video tutorials to learn more about TextMagic. The SMS software can be set up in a matter of minutes. Step 2: Open the. Once the program is installed, log in to the app using your TextMagic credentials. Step 3: Using the app, you can compose new text messages, check your Inbox, Outbox and Sent folders, create text message templates and update your contacts or groups.

You can also important contact lists using the specific feature. Upon installation, your computer will display a security warning, asking you if you really want to run the file. Click Yes.

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Sent and received text message information, contact lists and templates are stored locally, on the computer. Please keep in mind that TextMagic Messenger requires an internet connection to work. In other words, information already available on the computer can be seen, but it will only be updated once you connect to the internet. Examples: UK number , US number.

You will have to assign a name to your template, write the message and click Save.

SMS Software for PC & Mac

Using tags will help you personalise your texts. The service was mainly developed for organizations and businesses. This is a free cell phone tracker and monitoring services for your Android phone. Textmarks offers is text messaging platform offering one of best bulk messaging services to clients around the globe.


It boasts a wide array of SMS services tailor made to befit clients of different client sectors. In simple terms, they have a product list with great services that you can choose from depending on what suits you.

It also allows the user to forward messages and emails in less than 5 minutes. Unlike other mass texting services, this one has unique services. Apart from sending mass messages, it allows you to schedule them for later delivery upon reaching due date.

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You can schedule a reminder for any future date or time. With this service at hand, you can connect to any phone and manage all your communications. SMSGupShup is meant for businesses, education, banking, government and other institutions which intent to frequently engage their consumers by use of voice, mobile data or messages.

This is a group texting SMS for mobile phones users. You simply send a single text message to Swaggle mobile service and it delivers the messages to all the individuals in your group. A simple response by a member of the group can be viewed by other members of the group. You can create both social and professional groups.

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This is a special web hosting mass messaging service which offers a quick and easy SMS for clients around the world. It is the best service especially if your target client base is around globe. Based in Australia, the company offers package plans for top clients who intend to build SMS campaigns in many countries.

Bulk SMS Software send bulk text messages from PC to mobile users

Yahoo mobile allows you to send SMS to your friends, family by use of Yahoo messenger. Messaging services are free both in replies and sending though data charges may be involved. Sending messages is instant and offers an opportunity for reply.

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