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It is in tip top shape, so I feel I need to keep it until it poops out on me. I just got the ipod touch 4g. Like everyone else, I need to have itunes So, is the final verdict that we can go from tiger It seems people are going back and forth on it. I have an intel iMac with It sounds like I will need the box set on the iMac, can I use that to upgrade the mac book also? Glad to see there are so many other Mac converts feeling a little duped.

More chance of working than taking the latest OSX upgrade?? I too have now had problems with the SL upgrade form Tiger Didnt work first time around, have done the clean install as advised in many advice forums, is still stating that it needs I have a MBP from Further to the above, cant understand why if the HD is erased why the install of SL is still stating it needs I have tried upgrading from HD has 13GB free.

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TenFourFox: A fork of Mozilla Firefox for the Power Macintosh and Mac OS X Tiger PowerPC

The HD is ok. I have run memory checks on the RAM. The shop has checked the DVD, they say it works fine for them. I am running out of options. Some other cases of this problem have been reported in forums, but I cannot find any solution. One, thing I did want to ask. This site has some good info. My friend has a MacBook from I think May It originally had Tiger.

iP2700 series Printer Driver Ver. 7.24.0 (Mac OS X 10.4/10.5)

It is at least 3 to 4 years old I think. I cant remember the OS, But I am unable to mount the external hard drive with the os x on it. I was trying to back up the files, but again, it will not mount. I was thinking about installing the image on one of the partitions and see if I can get the files to open. The os partition is unable to be scanned and fixed on SL. The problem was, there was a faulty power cable that would cause the computer to shut down during operation.

It says scan and back up the files. I even tried loading the tiger. No game. Seems like a unbeaten board on Super Mario Brothers! I hope I dont get wet! In the past, when you updated the bios, it would allow to upgrade the memory. The programming limits the computers on what hardware you can install. By updating the firmware, this will tell the bios that, there is an added feature, hardware and so on. If the RAM slots are compatible, then you can possible upgrade to twice the capacity of the original parts. Now, this theory holds true with PC. Mac uses the same hardware as PC, just a programming difference.

I know there will be limitations, but there are always file upgrades all over the internet for this. I hope this helps other to think and read more about the things they can do. I am new to Mac. I only had one since May and learned a great deal from my experiences with PC. I hope to find more information and provide it, once I have tested and tried it.

Also, get mobile me, for iPhone users. You can upload your contacts on there, you can manually transfer songs from any computer without a problem of contacts of other sync related info. In other words, you can take your friends songs and have them on your phone, but you cant put them on your Mac, still learning that feature!

Similar problem here. Absolutely no problem. Hey Ian, I ordered only the disk from the apple website 3 days ago. Come on Apple…. Does anyone know this? So will we be rushing to buy this for wrong reason. I think we should hype up this and fuss it to the newspapers or gadget mags so Apple will have to act quickly because soon there will be a lot of media attention I think the public has a right to be aware of this especially at the incredible enormous profits of apple last year.

Verizon has an app that will load your contacts from the old phone if you have them backed up to their site. If I use Snow Leopard install disc alone vs. Any reputable computer store can do this for you but it really is a very easy task.

Mac OS X Leopard

Go to Crucial. I purchased the box set to only find out that I could not install it, because it said I did not have enough memory or RAM? When I went to the Apple store I gave them the hardward info? So Can anyone tell me what I need to do to upgrade my computer from tiger to snow leopard. Where would I purchase memory, the Apple store said they could not help me. I would have to go online and fine some place???? Just wnated to keep my old macbook going for another 6 months and use my iPhone4.

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What could potentially happen?? Nothing will happen! Its just iMAC bummers that dont feel its right to break the rules trying to make you panic! As long as your OS X is running and operational then why worry? If it does malfunction then you re-install the OS X again …. Same problem with my macbook tiger os x I recommend purchasing the Box Set as this avoids extra cost in the long run.

I guess apple are now just as good if not better then microsoft so now they started monopolizing the market…. Marco, you just mangaged to come across unhelpful and smug in the same sentence, congratulations! Keep it up! A few hundred on a new phone is in more peoples reach than a couple grand on a new laptop. This was not explained to them in any way shape or form when they purchased the phone. The phone works just fine on XP, but no Tiger? Same thing happened to me with the new Nano I bought two months ago. Inspired, I then put it on a G3, Mhz machine over classic and it runs Safari 4 fine.

It runs iTunes fine. I use it mostly as an access point for some printers in another room, which via Bonjour are accessible.

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I have got a bunch of classic apps and early OS X apps on there that can still be used by a skilled person to author books, magazines, websites or many other very useful things. It is my emergency back-up.

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  6. And it still allows the running of classic apps…even better then before, because if they freeze you just force quit classic and don't need to restart. Macs are built to last. And there are tens of millions of them that will continue to do good service if developers continue to make great apps for them.

    Please do! Does the world really need a bunch of low cost, low value, low durability, windoze netbooks, when beautiful older macs can still be outfit with software to do the same things for half or a third the price? Please keep making recycling possible by sticking with Keep retro cool.

    Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard upgrade works on Tiger 10.4 machines

    BTW: You guys are kings. The search features in Unison 2 make me much happy. Bring on Transmit 4! Hi all. Since the Adobe CS stuff is MUCH pricier to upgrade than your incredibly fabulous software, I think lots of print people are a little slower to upgrade. I know this is true for large ad agencies who may have people on site licenses. Thanks again for being so incredibly awesome. Coda has changed my life. I am a web designer and only recently took the plunge to Snow Leopard. They need PHP 5. Apple and Macports only come with 5.

    I am an architect but also very interested in web development and use Transmit and Coda on Leopard. The reason I have not upgraded to Heck, I have to do it soon anyway, but am happy not to have to do it right away. Greetings from Germany. Bye, Ingo. I have a 4. I still use my 9 years old G3 iBook.

    Both run This is the kind of rubbish that you get with Windows…. I am using The main problem is getting new printer drivers for my laser printer. So, my five-or-more-year-old PowerBooks will likely continue to run on I have Snow Leopard sitting on my desk, ready to install…. I ordered it and had it delivered the day it was released, and I have never been more disappointed with any Mac OS release than I have been with this one. I installed it to find that my copies of Word and Excel do not work right with it…. So I downgraded back to This past weekend I installed There was no progress from that point.

    At work the Macs still need to be on For those reticent to go from I use my machine MBP The only thing I noticed going from For those with Snow Leopard issues, or who are sticking with Leopard — Snow Leopard should have been a patch for Leopard. It fixes some serious issues Leopard had Memory leaks, etc. I have There you have it! For the A new Macbook Pro later this spring and a processor upgrade this summer should let me have four versions in the house running at once. You can understand this as a question and if it would be answered, I would be very happy — Thanks!

    Oh, and how about a new statistic for march? From the desk of Cabel Engineering Dept. Coda Coda users are famously cutting-edge, and this chart reflects it. Hello, legacy! So similar! Posted at pm 84 Comments. Files will be saved on the computer desktop. Double-click the file to mount the Disk Image. Double-click the mounted Disk Image.

    Double-click the. Installation starts automatically. Konsumen Beralih ke: Bisnis. Konsumen Bisnis. Dukungan Cari Unduh. Hubungi kami. Ringkasan This application software allows you to scan, save and print photos and documents. Update Riwayat [Ver. Instruksi Pengaturan Procedures for the download and installation 1.

    10.4.11 - 10.5.8 MAC OS X UPDATE!

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