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Because the controls are designed to be as realistic as possible, handling your car is quite tough. To get started, get your revs up and then shift into first gear.

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The problem is that the gear indicator isn't very clear, so as you're racing it's hard to know what gear you're in. However, the sounds and controls give a feeling of realism and the graphics aren't bad at all for a free racing application.

Looking for music, films, and more? Try the iTunes Store.

The good thing about Racer is that it is open source and the sky is the limit for those wanting to add to it. The bad is that you have to visit different sites to add bits onto it, the controls take some getting used to, and it is still prone to crashes.

The 10 Best Racing Games for Mac | Mac Gamer HQ

Worst Simulator Ever. I wish the developers had spent less time with the graphics and more with the feeling of the game Pros: good graphics. Cons: Simulating experience More. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. Mac Games Sports Racer Open source 3D sports car racing game There are few decent driving games on the Mac and even fewer that are free.

Racer is a cross-platform car simulation project which View full description. CONS Prone to frequent crashes when setting-up a race Controls are difficult to master Gears are not clearly visible Requires downloading different components from several sites. Softonic review There are few decent driving games on the Mac and even fewer that are free.

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Football Manager A new Football Manager that improves on old mechanics. Chess Online Free classic board game. Download Racer beta 0. Find one for it.

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The 10 Best Racing Games for Mac

You can play Fortnite: Battle Royale from pretty much anywhere: from your console, smartphone, tablet… and yes, even your Mac. And sure, the Mac crowd probably provides the smallest percentage of that tally, but that doesn't matter.

Everyone's connected together. They're also all shooting at each other, as Fortnite 's massively popular approach drops players into a battle to the death within an ever-tightening area. Luckily, it's all fun and games: Fortnite 's colourful aesthetic and compelling quick-building mechanics give Epic's smash a unique feel and flow — one that's being enjoyed by millions upon millions of people daily.

Sadly, the Mac doesn't have the new Shadow of the Tomb Raider — but it did recently get Rise of the Tomb Raider , which remains an excellent pick today. Rise sees young Lara Croft a bit more hardened after the sharp Tomb Raider reboot and off on another quest, exploring brilliant environments, climbing with ease, and jamming an ice pick into the face of a hapless foe or two.

And while Tomb Raider pushed towards a more action-oriented approach, Rise allows for more stealth and stalking, giving you the choice on how you approach each encounter.

Mac os racing games

Download Rise of the Tomb Raider from Steam. Treyarch's first-person shooter package is filled to the brim with blasty fun, whether you're into the futuristic, cinematic campaign, the online multiplayer shootouts, or the offbeat fun of the co-op Zombies mode. There's even a cheaper, multiplayer-only version if you're only into the core Call of Duty online experience, and you can always upgrade later.

After creating FTL: Faster Than Light , one of the most brilliant strategic time sinks of the last several years, Subset Games is back with Into the Breach — and it's equally worth obsessing over. Into the Breach is a turn-based tactics game that's akin to a Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre , albeit with futuristic mech suits instead of wizards and warriors.

And there are twists: the aliens you're battling telegraph their moves in advance, which means your success is all about planning and executing the perfect response. If you blow it, then your mech pilots must travel back in time and start over again. How's that for motivation?